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2018 Future Stars Selection Paperwork

2018 7th Grade Tennessee Future Stars Roster

2018 8th Grade Tennessee Future Stars Roster

2018 7th Grade Alternates

2018 8th Grade Alternates

2018 Letter To Combine Participants





2017 Tennessee Future Team Selection Information

2017 7th Grade Tennessee Future Stars Roster

2017 8th Grade Tennessee Future Stars Roster

2017 7th Grade Alternates

2017 8th Grade Alternates




2016 Tennessee Future Team Selection Information


2016 7th Grade Tennessee Future Stars Roster

2016 8th Grade Tennessee Future Stars Roster

2016 7th Grade Alternates

2016 8th Grade Alternates


2016 Tennessee Future Stars Combine Results


2016 Tryout Attendance Per Location 

Nashville -- 98

Memphis -- 107

Chattanooga -- 72

Knoxville -- 151


2016 Team Tennessee Head Coaches

                              7th Grade                                                                                             8th Grade


                        CHRIS WAMPLER                                                                                    TODD KELLY

                 Former UT Vol(Lettered 80-82)                                           Former All-SEC UT Vols(Lettered 89-92)

           Played for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers                                          1993 First Round Draft Pick(49ers)

                                                                                                              Member of Super Bowl XXIX Winning 49ers




2015 Tennessee Future Stars Results


7th Grade

Tennessee 32

Kentucky 0


8th Grade

Tennessee 12

Kentucky 7


Congratulations to both the Tennessee and Kentucky Future Stars in both games for making this the best event yet! 



2015 Tennessee Future Team Selection Information


2015 7th Grade Tennessee Future Stars Roster

2015 8th Grade Tennessee Future Stars Roster

2015 7th Grade Alternates

2015 8th Grade Alternates

2015 Tennessee Future Star Selection Paperwok

2015 Tennessee Future Stars Alternate Information

2015 Combine Participant Letter


2015 Tennessee Future Stars Combine Results



Tryout Numbers by Location:

Nashville: 168

Memphis: 94

Chattanooga: 61

Knoxville: 192


Players Report to Camp on Wednesday, June 10th

Game Will Be Saturday, June 13th in Tennessee



Future Stars and Youth1 have announced an exclusive partnership for the 2015 Tennessee Future Stars tryouts/combines and game. 

  • All athletes who attend a Future Stars tryout receives a FREE Youth1 Player Profile.
  • Top performers of EVERY tryout will get write-ups and mentioned in Youth1 articles that circulate nationwide - exposure starts today!!!
  • Athletes who make the team will get personally evaluated by Youth1 staff during game week practices for a chance to make Youth1 Elite 450 list (a list that consist of the entire Country, the best athletes for 2020 & 2021 classes).
  • Do NOT miss these exposure opportunities
  • For more information on this partnership:


***Many past Future Stars are playing in the best football conferences in college football (SEC, ACC, Pac 12 & more), also many Future Stars are ranked as 3 & 4 star players on the high school level and have many D1 offers from colleges across the Country. The Future Stars staff are always passing on names of top Future Stars to college coaches at every level!***

***Selected players get to stay on college campus, live like a college athlete for a few days, receive coaching from former college and/or NFL players.***
***Middle School athletes don't miss out on this awesome football experience and exposure opportunity.***





2014 8th Grade Tennessee vs. Kentucky Future Stars Preview


2014 7th Grade Tennessee vs. Kentucky Future Stars Preview




2014 8th Grade Tennessee Future Stars Roster

2014 7th Grade Tennessee Future Stars Roster

2014 Combine Participant Letter

2014 8th Grade Alternates

2014 7th Grade Alternates


2014 Tennessee Future Stars Combine Results


Thanks to Youth1 for covering our tryouts, Click Here to see who the Top Performers were at the Memphs Tryouts

Thanks to Youth1 for covering our tryouts,  Click Here to see who the Top Performers were at the Nashville Tryouts


2014 Team Tennessee Head Coaches

                              7th Grade                                                                                             8th Grade


                        CHRIS WAMPLER                                                                                    TODD KELLY

                 Former UT Vol(Lettered 80-82)                                           Former All-SEC UT Vols(Lettered 89-92)

           Played for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers                                          1993 First Round Draft Pick(49ers)

                                                                                                              Member of Super Bowl XXIX Winning 49ers



2013 Tennessee Future Stars Results


7th Grade

Tennessee 7

Kentucky 0



Offense: Oshae Stewart (Nashville, TN)

Defense: Donovan Wallace (Memphis, TN)



8th Grade

Tennessee 33

Kentucky 6



Offense: Amari Rodgers (Knoxville, TN)

Defense: Josh Silvey (Loudon, TN)




2013 Tennessee Future Stars Selections

2013 Tennessee Future Stars 8th Grade

2013 Tennesssee Future Stars 7th Grade

2013 Tennessee Future Stars Alternates

2013 Combine Participant Letter




7th East Tennessee

8th East Tennessee

7th Middle Tennessee

8th Middle Tennessee

7th West Tennessee

8th West Tennessee







Middle Tennessee 7th Grade (Nashville)

Middle Tennessee 8th Grade (Nashville)

West Tennessee 7th Grade (Memphis)

West Tennessee 8th Grade (Memphis)


This is the official site of the Kentucky vs. Tennessee Future Stars Football Classic.
Bragging Rights Will Be On The Line… Battle Of “Best versus Best”

Kentucky versus Tennessee Future Stars Football Classic is the oldest and original Middle School all-star game in the states of Kentucky & Tennessee. This event is un-like a lot of all-star events where its about “you make the team because of who you know or what kids have the most money and can pay top dollar”.  This event is priced so everyone can afford it! Kids from all walks of life will be in attendance! Our goal is to provide an atmosphere that is so much more than just a game. We want our athletes to have an incredible and lifetime type experience. Athletes will hear motivational speakers throughout the week (during game week). Starting this year we will be keeping an “Alumni” Section on our site. Also, we will be sending out information to college recruiters that we know! We hope in the near future to start an “Alumni” recruiting tour each spring/summer where past attendees can travel with our staff to colleges.

Many of our former “Future Stars” are excelling in the classroom and on Friday nights at their respective high schools. In 2012 there were 28 former Future Stars participate in the TSSAA State Championship Games in Cookeville.Each of the previous two years, hundreds of young athletes have attended our popular Open Tryout / Combine! The Open Tryouts are conducted by top high school and middle school coaches in the state. During this combine the athletes will learn, compete, and create exposure for their football skills before going to high school. The tryouts also sometimes include former local College & NFL greats. Tryouts are $40 per person. Each player will receive a Future Stars Tryout T-Shirt, combine results, and participate in team tryouts.





Here are some “Frequently Asked Questions”:


Who Can Attend?
Anyone (as in current school year) who is in Grades 6, 7 & 8th (middle school).

What Is The Cost To Attend & What Is Included?
It is $45 per athlete! All athletes receive a t-shirt, combine stats (posted on website), good football workout (including position specific drills) and participate in team tryouts! Please note only those who pre-register receive a T-Shirt!

Why Should I Bring My Athlete?
Nothing to lose and lots of football instruction and fun football times to gain! Whether you feel your athlete(s) have a shot to be selected or not this is a win/win experience. Athletes get to see where they are development wise amongst their peers from across the state. Athletes will also receive some “position specific” technique instruction by our staff hoping they can take back to their team in the fall and make them a more complete player. If your fortunate enough to be selected to the team then it is just an added bonus!

There Are 4 Tryouts Do Athletes Have To Attend All 4? If They Wish Can They Attend All 4?
Athletes, only MUST attend one of the 4 Tryouts. If they wish they can attend all Tryouts! We have different evaluators at each Tryouts so it is possible that one evaluator may see “something more” in your athlete than another evaluator.

What Does Each Athlete Need To Bring?
Athletic apparel (t-shirt, shorts, etc) & Cleats. NO equipment is needed for the Open Tryout!  


How Many Athletes Are Selected For The Teams?
We will select between 40 - 50 athletes per team; meaning 40 - 50 (8th Graders) and 40-50 (6th & 7th Graders Combined).

When & Where Are The Games Held?
June 18 in Kentucky

When Do The Players Practice?
This game is patterned after high school all-star games. Players will report June 18 for “Game Week”. Players will stay on a college campus and practice at the same college campus. Giving them an early glimpse of what life is like for college athletes. Players will have a minute by minute planned itinerary for the 4 days there in our care.

Is There Cost For A Selected Player?
Yes, the costs are all-inclusive meaning it covers ALL Housing, Meals, Transportation to game, Team Apparel, Game Uniform, Player Ticket to Banquet and more.

Once Players are selected they receive a VERY detailed email with all needed paperwork and instructions.  All selected athletes will get to tour a major college campus. Selected athletes who have strong academics will be recognized for their outstanding achievements in the classroom.


In winter 2009 Ricco Hughes and Josh Jones began making plans for the 1st Annual Kentucky vs. Tennessee Future Stars Classic. Hughes is credited with coming with the popular and catchy name “Future Stars”. The goal behind beginning Future Stars was too put each states BEST athletes on a stage and give them a chance to showcase there talents, gain some exposure heading into high school and give them a week to remember for the rest of their life. We wanted the athletes to be able to live like college athletes for a few days to give them an early taste of what its like hoping that will motivate each athlete even more into playing college football one day. To select the teams we felt the Combine / Open Tryout was the best way to “fairly” select the athletes. Unlike other all-star games where you get in on “who you know” or “how much money your parents have” this game was simply out to get the VERY best regardless of who they knew or how much money they had.

In April 2010 our first ever Combine / Open Tryout was held in Knoxville, TN, exactly 229 young athletes attended from all across Tennessee with the hopes of being selected for a roster spot in the first annual game. The game was played June 2010 in Louisville, KY. Both games (7th & 8th Grade) were highly competitive! Tennessee was fortunate to come out on top 33-13 and 17-7 (7th & 8th Grade) respectively. The players and coaches had an awesome experience.

Our goal is to provide each athlete that we come in contact with a positive football experience at our events; whether it be at an Open Tryout or during game week we want everyone walking way feeling they had a experience.   




April 8: Nashville Tryout

April 15: Memphis Tryout

April 22: Chattanooga Tryout

April 28: Knoxville Tryout

May 5 @ 9PM(EDT): Teams Annouced



May 18: Team Fee Deposit Due

May 18: All Paperwork Due

TBA: Optional Apparel Item Online Orders Due

June 4: Team Balance Due

June 13: Report To Camp

June 15: Future Stars Pep Rally

June 16: 7th Annual KY vs. TN Game

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